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Temperament and Personality Traits of the English TeddyBear Labradoodle

 The English Labradoodle is a smart and friendly dog that loves people

 and is generally a joy to be around. The English Labrador introduces an

 easy going personality and great temperament to go along with the high

 intelligence of the Poodle. Smart + Laid Back = Perfect Pet!

 Labradoodles are generally very social and get along well with everyone,

 adults and children alike. With adequate exercise,

              English Teddy Bear Labradoodles can adapt to country, suburb or inner city dwelling. Labradoodles do best when

 housed within a home environment as they thrive when they are in the

 company of their families. Labradoodles are very good candidates to be

 working dogs as they were originally bred to be guide dogs for the blind.

They have also achieved success as service or assistance dogs and 

therapy dogs. Several Hope Springs Puppies have gone on to do great things

as Service / therapy Dogs.  

Labradoodles are generally very easy to train and are a good match for

 first-time or veteran dog owners.  They are not known to have any 

aggressive traits, but they do need *proper socialization  to avoid any

 shyness or fearfulness. Labradoodles thrive on daily contact with their

 owners; they truly desire to be a part of a family.