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We have puppies available

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Fetti and Nova have smaller English Goldendoodles available. (40-55 pounds as an adult)

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One girl and one Boy  Available

F3 Smaller Standard  English

Teddybear Goldendoodles are ready now

Dumpling & Nova Pups were born on 2.14.2022

Vali and Nova pups were born on February 14th, 2022. Mom is an F1 Smaller Standard (45 pounds) English Teddybear Goldendoodle and Dad is an F2 Standard (56 pounds) English Teddybear Goldendoodle.  

Available Now!

Please feel free to email me at: HopeSpringsDoodles@gmail.com

or call me at 251-610-8046 with any questions. 

See Pics of the parents and their previous pups Here

 1 boy available in this litter

Boy in Center is Available

 Mini Teddybear Schnoodle Puppies Available

Delilah and Dodger are Available and are ready for their new homes now

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We are a very small, Family Run, Breeder that is more focused on quality than quantity.

If you don't see any pups available now, please check back with us to see what precious pups have been born and when they are available to go to their new homes.

We do not have a waiting list as we do not

take deposits for puppies until the one week pictures are posted after they are born.

You can see any available puppies by breed by clicking the breed link below of the breed that you are most interested in

Hope Springs Labradoodles~

Spring is Available

Hope Springs Schnoodles~ 

Miniature TeddyBear Schnoodle Puppies have been born

Taking applications now for these pups

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Hope Springs Goldendoodles~ 

 Larger Medium English Teddybear Goldendoodle 
Puppies have been born. Click below for more info.

These pups will be in the 45-55  average pound range as adults

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Currently we have Larger Medium

TeddyBear Goldendoodles and Smaller Mini's. Please click the link below for more info.

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*Deposits accepted

after pups are born

Currently we don't have any English




Please check back.

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*Deposits accepted

after pups are born

Currently we have

Mini TeddyBear Schnoodles

that will

be ready for their new

homes soon. 

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*Deposits accepted

after pups are born

We Specialize in Family Raised, Well-Socialized, Healthy & Beautiful Goldendoodles, Labradoodles & Schnoodles!

Hope Springs Puppy Owners Rave about their dogs' amazing temperaments.

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I know that it can be confusing with all of the F1's and F2b's.

If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with me by clicking the live chat link above

between 8 am and 8 pm CST. 

I'd love to answer your questions and help you find your new Puppy.

You are also welcome to call me @ 251-610-8046


Our dog Truffles is the puppy you have on your web site in the Goldendoodle section with the heart on her head, lying with the teddy bear. This dog is amazing. She is the most loving dog I have ever seen. She's helped my son overcome his fear of dogs completely. She was a gift for my daughter, however she has been a gift for our entire family. The only negative I can come up with is I think my wife loves Truffles more than me. :) Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful dog.

Brian S. ~Florida

We are SO in love with our new baby girl, Sadie Grace. Beverly and her husband were so kind to us and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend Hope Springs Doodles. I suffer from allergies as well and I'm shocked, yet so relieved we found a dog that doesn't make me break out and get all stuffy and sneezy. Such a blessing!

Mandy G. ~Alabama

Beverly and family are first rate. Loving and caring Yolo, our labradoodle is the best. Our vet was VERY impressed with the details attended to by hope springs..

Barry L. ~ Florida

My family and I love our Schnoodle Lucy! We're so happy we found Hope Springs Doodles. She is a happy and healthy puppy. Everyone she meets says that she's so sweet and friendly. Beverly was a pleasure to work with and answered all our questions. We would definitely recommend Hope Springs Doodles to anyone looking for a Doodle.

Maricella L. ~ California


TeddyBear Goldendoodles

These pups are Past Hope Springs TeddyBear Goldendoodlles!

TeddyBear Labradoodles

These pups are Past Hope Springs TeddyBear Labradoodlles!

TeddyBear Schnoodles

These pups are past TeddyBear Schnoodle Pups from Hope Springs Doodles!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the live chat button below. I'd love to chat with you.