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Temperament Assessment ~ Claire

Litter:Charlotte & Dallas

Puppy:Red Dot Bow Girl

Puppy Description:Apricot with white feet and white tip on tail

Weight @ 7 weeks:5.2 Pounds

Date Of Birth:12/20/2021 

Gender: Female

Breed: Double Doodle

Social Attraction:Came readily , tail up

Following: Followed Readily, Tail Up

Restraint:Struggled, Then Settled

Forgiveness and Exam:Squirmed, Licked at hands

Retrieving:Started to chase object, lost interest

Treats:Interested in Treats and Focus Good

Food:No reaction

Touch Sensitivity:8-10 Count before response

Sound Sensitivity:Listened, located sound & showed curiosity

Sight Sensitivity:Looked with curiosity & attempted to investigate, tail upEnergy


Notes (Overview):Was most interested in tester and was pretty persistent in being in testers lap. Very personable. Tail wagged throughout test. Happy and curious.

Great puppy!