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Crystal and Maverick

Crystal and Maverick have large F1B TeddyBear Labradoodles.

These will be 50+ pounds as adults.

1 Boy and 2 Girls Available. 

Ready now! $1500. 

Available Puppies

       Blue Bandana Boy                             Pink Bandana Girl                             Tie-Dye Bandana Girl 

             "Cody"                                                "Callie"                                              "Clover"

Zuzu and Jasper

Zuzu and Jasper

Zuzu (Mom) & Jasper (Dad) have  F2b Large TeddyBear  Labradoodle Pups Available These Pups will be around 50+ pounds as adults. Pups are ready to go home Now.  

Price: $1800.00

Available Puppies

      Dark Pink Bow Girl                                      Dark Blue Bow Boy                          Light Blue Bow Boy

            "Zoya"                                                       "Zeke"                                           "Zeus"

Amber & Maverick

Amber and Maverick have Six F1B Standard TeddyBear Labradoodle .Pups. These little ones were born on July 15th, 2019. These will be 50+/- pounds as adults. There are 4 Boys and 2 Girls. Taking Applications for these pups now. $1800.

Ruby and Curry

Ruby (Mom) & Curry (Dad) have a litter of Medium F1B TeddyBear Labradoodle Pups that have been born.  These pups will be around 35-50 pound range as  adults. First Pictures Coming Soon!


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My Pearl Girl

This is Pearl. She is an English Blockhead Labrador Retreiver. Pearl is also the Mom of Jasper, Ruby, Amber, Crystal and Lucky!

She is an amazing Girl!