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Air Transport Options

Unfortunately, due to Covid, Air transport is not currently available. Ground transport may be available depending on your location. Click below for more info on Ground transportation.

 Ground Transport

Delta Airlines

Delta has been safely transporting pets of all kinds for many years. Generally, if the temperatures are below 80 degrees at all points throughout the flight, your new puppy can travel within a few days of adoption. The price for flying your pup via Delta Airlines is $450.00 .

United Airlines

United  has also been safely transporting pets of all kinds for many years. Generally, if the temperatures are below 80 degrees at all points throughout the flight, your new puppy can travel within 6-8 days of adoption. United requires that your pup have their health certificate prior to booking the flight. Once you apply for a flight booking there is a 5 day waiting period for flight approval. The price for flying your pup via United Airlines is $425.00 .

Domestic Air Travel is Available to Most US Destinations

I would love to meet the families that are adopting my precious pups, but I realize that many of you cannot get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to make the trip to the Coastal Regions of Beautiful Alabama.  For this reason, you may need to have your new puppy flown or transported home to you. Many of my pups are shipped via Delta or United Airlines or transported via ground transport to their new families due to the convenience and safety of these processes. Hope Springs puppies are shipped or transported to their forever families via Delta Airlines, United Airlines or a Private transporter. Whichever transportation method works best for you and your situation, please know that the puppies do wonderfully and they are very comfortable in their crates during the transportation process. They go in for a nap and within a few hours they pop out to greet their new families, usually with tails wagging and puppy kisses. They really have no idea they have been on a flight or in a vehicle. I do not sedate the pups in any way. The pups do not stress as they are accustomed to being in a crate prior to leaving us.

 The $495 Shipping fee includes:

(Price may be higher for *Delta DASH (Delta Airlines Special Handling), over-sized, adult dogs or special requests)

  • Puppy's Flight (Transportation Fees)
  • Airline Approved Travel Crate
  • Veterinary Flight Health Certificate (Clearing your puppy for transport)
  • We take care of everything for you. All you have to do is confirm the pickup and go to the airport to get your Puppy.
  • Two pups can be shipped together in one crate if certain criteria are met. There is a $150 up-charge for this.
  • Our cut-off day for shipping is Wednesday at 12:00 P.M. (Noon~ CST) shipping the following week.
  • There are additional fees charged to us for booking a flight within 48 hours of departure. There is an up-charge of $100 if your puppy's flight is booked less than 48 hours prior to departure time.
  • If your puppy is 9 weeks of age and misses the 12:00 noon cutoff on Monday for shipping, we suggest that you send your puppy to one week of Spring Training and let them get some training while they wait.
  • We generally book our flights on Friday afternoons and the puppies usually fly out on Tuesdays or Wednesdays of the following week if shipping Delta. Thursday or Friday if traveling United.
  • We do not ship on weekends. We prefer to work with the full time Agents that work Monday through Friday.
  • Please do not try to book your own flights because we have to schedule them from our end. I often have clients call Delta or look up flights online and then e-mail the flight and times that they prefer. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but unfortunately it does not work this way. There are special flights that we are allowed to fly out on and not every flight is equipped to accommodate pets.

*DASH (Delta Airlines Special Handling) is a service that is offered by Delta Pets First and applies to flights booked under 48 hours from departure, flights with less than a 2 hour layover at each stop or flights with less than 2 hours loading time at the time of initial departure from original drop off location.