Temperament Assessment ~ Sugar Bear Blue Chevron Bow Boy


Litter: Sugar Bear and Nova

Puppy: Blue Chevron ~ Shiloh

Puppy Description: Red Hair with Black pigmented nose.

Date Of Birth: 06/13/2019 

Gender: Male

Breed: Goldendoodle

Social Attraction: Came readily, tail up, pawed, licked at hands

Following: Followed Readily, Tail Up

Restraint: Settled, Struggle, Settled with some eye contact

Forgiveness and Exam: Cuddled up to tester and tried to lick face

Retreiving: Chased Object, and returned without it to tester

Treats: Interested in Treats and Focus Good

Food: No reaction

Touch Sensitivity: 8-10 Count before response

Sound Sensitivity: Listened, located sound & showed curiosity

Sight Sensitivity: Looked with curiosity & attempted to investigate, tail up

Energy Level: Mid

Notes (Overview): This sweet boy has mid-level energy. He's personable and friendly. He wants to be with his humans, like his Mom. Mom stays near her people and sleeps on their bed every night, He loves to cuddle and play with toys. He settles well in your lap and does well with car rides. He is curious and playful. He should integrate well into most home environments.