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Crystal (Mom) & Maverick (Dad) have 
Three Large F1b TeddyBear 
Labradoodle Pups Available Now
                 These pups are on track to be 
                  55 pounds + as adults 
                    Price: $1800.00
          Parents and Available Pups Pictured Below

     2 Girls & 1 Boy Available
Ruby (Mom) & Curry (Dad) have
  Two Larger F1b Medium 
    TeddyBear Labradoodle Pups Available
These Boys will be around 40-50 pounds as adults 
Price: $1800.00
These Boys are ready Now!
Parents and Available Pups Pictured Below
  The Puppies
Zuzu (Mom) & Jasper (Dad) have
 F2b Large TeddyBear 
Labradoodle Pups Available
These Pups will be around 50+ pounds as adults 
Price: $1800.00

Parents and Available Pups Pictured Below
Looking for a TeddyBear Labradoodle Puppy?
If you are looking for a low to non shedding companion with the 
best personality, to be your new best friend, you have found the right place.

What size are you looking for?
Currently Ruby and Curry have beautiful Larger Medium TeddyBear Labradoodle 
Pups available. These pups will be in the 45 pound range as adults.
Available Pups are pictured above.

Looking for a pup that will be a little larger as an adult?
We have those too. 
Crystal and Maverick have a precious litter of Large (55+ pounds as adults) puppies that 
will be ready in just a couple of weeks. The temperaments of these pups cannot be beat!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at or
call me (Beverly) at 251-610-8046. When you call, you will talk to me directly, 
I am the breeder/owner at Hope Springs Doodles and I enjoy speaking with each 
and every one of my potential new puppy owners!
Adopt a Teddy Bear Labradoodle from Hope Springs Doodles

  What is an English "Block Head" TeddyBear Labradoodle? 


  An English "Block Head" TeddyBear Labradoodle is a hybrid created 

from the breeding of an English Block Head Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.

The English Block Head Teddy Bear Labradoodle ranges in size from

Small ~(20-35 pounds as adults)

  Medium~(30-45 Pounds as adults)

Large~(50+ lbs at maturity)

The size depends on the size of the Poodle that 

the English Labrador Retriever  is crossed with. Labradoodles can also be

bred back to a poodle to create a more allergy friendly dog that is even

 less likely to shed and more hypoallergenic.

 Personality Traits-   


    The English Labradoodle is a smart and friendly dog that loves people

 and is generally a joy to be around. The English Labrador introduces an

 easy going personality and great temperament to go along with the high

 intelligence of the Poodle. Smart + Laid Back = Perfect Pet!

 Labradoodles are generally very social and get along well with everyone,

 adults and children alike. With adequate exercise,

              English Teddy Bear Labradoodles can adapt to country, suburb or inner city dwelling. Labradoodles do best when

 housed within a home environment as they thrive when they are in the

 company of their families. Labradoodles are very good candidates to be

 working dogs as they were originally bred to be guide dogs for the blind.

They have also achieved success as service or assistance dogs and 

therapy dogs. Several Hope Springs Puppies have gone on to do great things

as Service / therapy Dogs. 

Labradoodles are generally very easy to train and are a good match for

 first-time or veteran dog owners.  They are not known to have any 

aggressive traits, but they do need *proper socialization  to avoid any

 shyness or fearfulness. Labradoodles thrive on daily contact with their

 owners; they truly desire to be a part of a family. 

Coat Types and Grooming-


English Teddybear Labradoodles are considered to be non to light 

shedders and may be a good match for people with allergies. They do 

require weekly or bi-weekly brushingand many owners opt to have them

 clipped during the Summer months.   

     Coat types are:

  • Hair Coat - Shorter/ Wavy / Shaggy
  • Wavy Fleecy Coat - Silky light texture with cottony undercoat(Good for Allergy sufferers)
  • Wool Coat - Curls of varying lengths (Good for Allergy sufferers)

If you have any questions about which generation or hair type is best for you or your family, please feel free to give me a call @ 251-610-8046 
       or email me at

 Why a Hope Springs TeddyBear Labradoodle?
Hope Springs English Teddy Bear Labradoodles are a Specialty Blend of an English Labrador Retreiver or TeddyBear Labradoodle with a Poodle with a particular look to produce a puppy with an exemplary temperament as well as a blocky, plush Teddybear appearance. As a Doodle breeder for over 18 years, I know what to expect from any pairing to achieve a certain look and temperament. When you call Hope Springs Doodles, you will speak directly to me, the breeder, so that I can help you benefit from my many years of experience.
All of our puppies are socialized from Birth until the time that he or she arrives home to their new families. Hope Springs Doodle pups have exemplary temperaments that range from Service and/or Therapy dogs to amazing family pets. 
My Pearl Girl ! 
She is an English Block Head Labrador Retriever. She is also the Mom to Jasper, Amber, Crystal and Ruby!
Block Head Labradoodle Dog